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The Neorest 750H with Actilight technology is truly a revolutionary innovation at the peak of luxury. This intelligent toilet uses an integrated UV light and special glaze to break down dirt and grime in the bowl, and rinses it clean with ewater+.  And with other features like a heated seat, deodorizer and warm water sprays, Neorest 750H delivers an unparalleled sense of relaxation to you in the most comforting and refreshing ways possible.

Neorest 750H Dual Flush Toilet with Actilight

C$20,636.00 Regular Price
C$14,445.20Sale Price
    • Tornado/Siphon Jet Flushing System
    • Actilight UV light cleaning system built in lid
    • CeFiONtect™ ceramic glaze - a highly smoothed surface for easier cleaning
    • Dual Flush Function (1.0GPF/3.8LPF and 0.8GPF/3.0LPF)
    • Universal Height
    • Washlet® with three wash modes (front, rear, soft)
    • Oscillating and Pulsing Comfort Washing
    • Auto Lid open/close, Auto Flush
    • Automatic Air Purfying System
    • Adjustable Heated Seat
    • Adjustable Spray Position
    • Programmable Energy Saver System
    • Back-up Manual Flush
    • ewater+® - mists the bowl with Electrolyzed Water, reducing the need for harsh cleaning chemicals
    • Multifunctional Remote Control
    • ADA Compliant
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