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BainUltra Opus reaches new heights by offering all the therapeutic benefits of Hydro-thermo massage® with the innovation of air jets in our FineStone Solid Surface bathtub. An Opus to Bathing in Luxury and Wellness An opus is a creative work, the result of a composition based on careful thought, inspiration and a desire to bring the skillful spirit of the artist forward… Which is what inspired the creation of the Opus bathtub. A symphony of lines and curves All details, lines, and curves drawn by our designers and craftspeople are like strokes of a pen or notes in a symphony blending harmoniously in the final masterpiece.


FINESTONE® IS A HIGH-QUALITY SOLID SURFACE MATERIAL Designed with care, baths made of FineStone®  are composed of refined minerals and pure liquid acrylic. They offer peace of mind when it comes  to high-quality products by BainUltra:

• Thermal insulant; hot temperature resistant

• Strong, resistant, and durable

• Light/colour resistant, no colour bleed or wear

• Non-porous, hygienic and easy to clean

• Can be easily repaired



•  TMU Thermomasseur® air jet system with heated backrest

• TUB (Soaker)


OPUS 6434   Freestanding    

| 64” x 34” x 25” 42 air jets (TMU) Imperial gallons 68 (TUB)  

|  62 (TMU) U.S. gallons 81 (TUB)  

|  74 (TMU) FineStone® Solid Surface  

|  White Satin Finish 



Bain Ultra OPUS 6434 freestanding thermomasseur tub

C$11,750.00 Regular Price
C$8,812.50Sale Price
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